France - Bourgogne - Saint-Aubin

Jean-Jacques and his family left Paris to raise their children in Saint-Aubin, Burgundy, around the family vineyard in 2000. 

At the same time artist, philosopher and winemaker, Jean-Jacques approaches the culture of his vineyards with total respect for nature and rejects the industrial practices of his neighbours. Now he run out 5ha of vines, mostly on Saint-Aubin terroir. 

Jean-Jacques produces personal and intriguing wines. They perfectly reflect the vintage, the land that carries the vines and the man accompanies them. He defines his profession as a work of observation and acceptance of the elements that lead to the production of grapes. An artistic work where each painting (wine) is unique. 

Natural in the cellar its techniques are simple and intuitive. He knows how to wait patiently for the cuvées until he feels that they express their origins at will. All wines will receive approximately 25 mg of total So2 before bottling and will not be filtered or glued.

The wine are at the image of the winemaker, simply pure and funny, who never disapointed you, and certainly suprise you a lot.