des terres de velle

France - Bourgogne - Auxey-Duresses

Domaine des Terres de Velle is a new, all estate domaine in Burgundy. That's almost unheard of. Francois and Sophie Laronze worked for a larger winery in Burgundy for several years. Along the way, they met an investor who had a lot of faith in them and he agreed to create a new domaine, buying old vines in Auxey, Meursault, Puligny, Monthelie and Volnay. Then they built a brand new winery in Auxey, releasing their first vintage was 2009. They tell some great stories of being the new kids on the very old block of Auxey; the postman has just started to say hello....Francois and Sophie farm organically and craft mineral, fine Burgundy. The Bourgogne Blanc from Terres des Velles is superb, sourced from three vineyards, one, an old-vine parcel in Puligny, which lends a great fruitiness to the wine. The other two are in Meursault, both on more mineral soil, providing the wine’s backbone and vibrancy.