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The story began in 2011

… when Alejandro Muchada was traveling as a backpacker and woofer in France, learning about organic farming. By chance, he found David Léclapart, cousin of a friend, with whom he made his first vintage. That summer was an initiatory journey towards biodynamics and becoming a “vigneron”.

In 2016, after several harvests and shared moments of work and enjoyment, they decided to start a project together.

We work three hectares of palomino and muscat vineyards -most of them older than 50 years, of massal selection- in biodynamic agriculture. The plots are located in Pago Miraflores (Sanlúcar) and Pago Abulagar (Chipiona).

The model we follow is that of the “vigneron”, a craft and personal approach that focuses work and attention on the vineyard, through biodynamics, only superficial tillage, mainly with animal traction, the use of green cover and the search of a new balance in the soil and in the vineyard. In the winery, we look for simplicity, elegance and purity through non-intervention.