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France - Alsace - Wolxheim

The domain is a force to be reckoned with in Wolxheim, often outspoken to their neighbors and true advocates of biodiversity and nature. To make sure nature can raise it's true voice, the family has built a completely new winery on the edge of town, after having been cramped in a small winery in the town for over a century. The winery has been thought out over decades and is both inspiring, awesome and state of the art at the same time. 4 different levels so that wine is only transported by gravity, an underground church like barrel room and all tools the winery needs to ensure their level of quality. 

The Lissner flavor profile of highly salty, intense and powerful wines is accomplished by very long pressings (of up to 9 hours), slow fermentations and a long period on the lees. All to let the terroir, their sense of place, shine. And do these wines shine; even their Pinot Blancs can easily age for a decade. Lissner for us is thé expression of a currently well overlooked wine region: Alsace.

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