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Le P'tit domaine

richard desouche

France - Loire - Saumur

In the Loire valley region since 1990, the wine journey of Richard Desouche  starts in 2002 in a small « négoce » in Saumur. Conviced by the potentiel of the terroir, he start studying winemaking at school and see him offered a job in the vines of Didier Sanzay, the brother of his wife. Quickly, in 2006, he own 60 are of Chenin (Entre Deux Voyes) and 40ares of Cabernet franc (Bois blancs), Le P’tit Domaine was born. 

He work on turn the vineyard in a biological agriculture, it’s been a long process but finally arrive to avoid all chimical product, the conversion officially start in 2010 and being certifed in 2013. He use the minimum quantity of sulfer, mostly nothing, to express the best the originality of the Saumur’s terroir. We know him also for his hidden treasure : a large and beautiful cave made with the original rock who composed the soil of Saumur : the « Tuffeau », under his cuverie. The bottle can aging in the best conditions, and give a lot of freshness to the wines. 

Also, Richard is a busy man. Additionnaly to his own vineyard, who now count 4,5ha, he’s in charge of the vines and the wines production in Clos Rougeard vineyard, the most famous domaine in Saumur-Champigny, since 4 years. 

We can ignore the huge talent of this man, always motivated to promote his region arround the world in offer the best quality wines as possible. His kindness is verry touching, and we can feel in the wine all the passion he put in.  

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