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France - Loire - Sancerre

In Loire valley Region in France, The Cherrier family own 30ha of vines in Sancerre, and recently in Menetou-Salon too. 

The vineyard was created in 1927 by Maurice, the grand-father, developped by Pierre, his son, and since 1984 by the third generation François et Jean-Marie. 

They work on a traditionnal way, but, the meaning is also to work with the less carbon impact, to preserve the expression and purity of grapes and terroir. They are really sensitive to the health of insects in the vines, and let the grass grown between every row. 


For now, they own 20ha of vines in Sancerre, divided in 3 differents localisation with a soil composed of limestone annd calcareous clay soil : 



-Terres Blanches


And 10ha at Menetou-Salon, with mostly kimmeridgien soil, typical from this part of Loire terroir. 

A family story, they transfer there knowledge generation by generation, to keep the qualitative line of production, with a really good understanding for the terroir and the wines of this beautifull region. 

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