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Château de léberon

famille rozès

France - Armagnac - Cassaigne

A blessed land. A family with an “art de vivre”. A father and his two daughters who are carrying on together their ancestors’ adventure.


Within the ROZES family, ask for the father: Bernard. He learned about Armagnac cultivation and its mysteries from his grandfather and then from his father. He has been working in cellars from over 50 years now. Being a geologist engineer, he knows all about soils and their interaction with vine. Soils do play a crucial role in the production of great Armagnac as they nourish vine and make grape bunches grow. They are the first link in the “Armagnac chain”.


Then ask for the big sister, Sophie, involved in the conversion of the Domaine into organic cultivation. Having a veterinary degree, she knows the importance of the underground microbial life that will give its strength and character to harvests. She is familiar with “biodynamics” and promotes reasoned vine cultivation. Sophie’s knowledge is precious in the way we figure vine shall be integrated within its environment.

 Lastly, ask for the younger sister, Caroline. She used to work ten years for selective perfume brands in Paris before she realized the most beautiful fragrance she could promote was the one of her family Armagnac. Caroline is familiar with the complexity of natural fragrant material, the mystery of their mixture and the pleasure of their appreciation.

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