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Besson - Strasser

Zwitserland - Zurich - Uhwiesen am Rheinfall

The Besson-Strasser vineyard is located in Zurich wine region, In Switzerland. They get 6,5ha of vines, divided between Zurich Canton (5ha) and the district of Schaffahousen (1,5ha). Nadine and Cédric meet eachother when they were studying oenology in the same schools, and quickly decide to take over together the vinyard of the father of Nadine in Schaffouse. Since 2004, they are into biodynamic viticulture and focus on a holistic approach. In this way, they try to promote soil fertility, the resistance of the vines, and the quality of the harvest. For example, they using tea and plant preparation and  there own compost , instead of weed killers, artificial fertilizers and synthetic pesticides. All the grappes are hand-picked and carefully processed, the vinification is true to the meaning of each grapes, soil, and terroir. The wines receive nothing during fermentation, to bring the full character of themselves, and mostly unflitrated. In this way, we garanty a 100% nartural wine from vine to glass. Cedric took his inspiration from the burgundian winemaker, like Dujac,  and make one of the finest Pinot Noir of switzerland, who can concurency easily the Grand Crus of Côtes d’Or. 

This domain is a mix of tradition and innovation. They introduce different grapes like Rauschling and Tzweiglt, who doesnt exist in the region before they planted them in 1995. 

The wines from Cédric and Nadine is clearly the result of a hard work, they try to think about a more respectfull way of culture, and the most representative taste of the grappes. And we can feel all this energy when we taste one of there wines. 

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